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All sports pitches need maintenance, and the amount required depends on a number of factors. These include the type of sport played, the location, whether it’s in the city or country, an open area or near trees, the frequency of use. There are lots of factors to keeping the best pitch, but our expert team can help.

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Our expert team consists of qualified and experienced operatives.
Access professional advice and support from a friendly team.
We use the best maintenance equipment designed to work on your surface.
Regular maintenance ensures the surface plays better and lasts longer.

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Pitch maintenance to suit your needs

There are two types of pitch maintenance. Routine maintenance which is carried out by the sports club and involves keeping the pitch clean, and sweeping regularly so that the pitch fibres are upright and the infill is regulated. The second is specialist maintenance which includes decompaction and more vigorous cleaning.

Whether we provide training for your pitch care, or provide a full maintenance package, our expert team will make sure your pitch plays to its best level.

Your dedicated maintenance company

At SIS Pitches, we have our own maintenance company, SISPlus, which ensure our pitches are maintained to the highest standards, supported by our high levels of customer service. We offer a full maintenance package, with specialist equipment and experienced operatives.

As a general rule we recommend that our pitches are brushed once or twice a week subject to the level of use. High wear area’s such as penalty spots, goal area’s and entrances may require more attention including checking and topping up infill levels. Our specialist team will treat heavily-used areas – penalty spots, goal lines and entrance areas from the changing rooms onto the pitch.

We use specialist equipment to test the ball roll and bounce, to ensure that the pitch meets the required standard. Whatever the weather, maintenance should be carefully considered, for example, when snow is on the ground or in dry or wet conditions. If you’re unsure what to do, contact SIS Pitches for advice.

After thoroughly researching all the maintenance machinery used in the industry, we have invested heavily in our new range of maintenance equipment and can now offer decompaction and cleaning operations using the very best equipment available:

  • Extreme Clean
    This machine uses stiff rotating circular brushes to decompact the infill and is ideal for pitches where the infill has compacted and the pitch has become hard.
  • Vert-Top
    This cleaning machine combines rotating brushes, oscillating sieves and a vacuum to filter infill material. The larger contaminants are collected in the bins at the rear of the machine and any finer particles are collected in the vacuum bag.
  • Speed brush
    The Speed brush has 2 rotating brushes which are ideal for redistributing infill and maintaining an upright pile.

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