At SIS Pitches, we have our own in-house maintenance division, SISPlus. Our aim is to ensure all sports surfaces, whether installed by us or not, are maintained to the highest standards, by offering a custom maintenance programme to each client, with specialist equipment and experienced operatives, ensuring optimum performance, safety and longevity.

The 3G pitch at Gloucestershire FA is regularly used by the Association and wider community, so dedicated aftercare is essential to maintain the longevity and performance of the pitch.

Brushing and cleaning

Using the latest equipment, our team deep cleaned the surface, removing embedded debris, dust and contaminants from the fibres, whilst also removing, cleaning and filtering the infill materials which were then re-integrated back into the surface.

Next, we completed a full pitch de-compaction to reduce infill hardness and provide optimal coverage of infill to all areas of the pitch.

Infill top up

To follow, we then used our specialized infill machinery to complete an 8 tonne infill top up.

Over time, infill material can compact and consolidate within the pile or can be removed altogether through a combination of factors such as usage, weather and machinery.

When this happens it is important to act quickly in order to restore the infill levels, to prevent premature fibre wear and to ensure optimal performance and playability.

“We’re pleased to work with Gloucestershire FA who have been a loyal client of ours for 7 years now. We originally installed their pitch in 2013, and have completed regular scheduled maintenance for them every year since, which really shows when you look at the quality of the pitch.

The pitch has been rigorously tested to the highest standards and passed, which shows the value of the service our team provides.”

Simon Adams, Maintenance Manager, SIS Pitches

Why choose SISPlus?

Every maintenance programme is unique and with our hands-on approach we will conduct a full surface assessment to provide an extensive programme of work, tailored specifically for your surfaces. Whether you have a pitch from SIS Pitches, or another provider, we are able to help.

  • Bespoke approach – we tailor maintenance packages to your exact needs
  • One-stop shop capability – we are experts in all types of sports surfaces, and as a one-stop shop you can count on our global knowledge and quality
  • Innovative portal system – we have developed an easy-to-use portal system to help you manage your maintenance
  • Expert advice – help and support is there whenever you need it

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