Following the success of 3 SISGrass installations at the training ground for Swansea City AFC, the club decided to install another SISGrass pitch at the main stadium.

The full-size pitch was stitched with over 20 million high-performance polyethylene fibres, which will support the natural playing surface, allowing the stadium to have faster pitch recovery between games and more playing hours than a 100% natural pitch.

The installation was completed in Summer 2019, taking 8 days to complete and is the first time the pitch has been completely renewed from base level in 14 years.

The SISGrass hybrid pitch technology installed at the stadium is the same as the six surfaces used for the 2018 World Cup.

The reason we chose SISGrass is that we already have 3 SISGrass pitches at the training ground that have been installed for 3 seasons, they play very well and having SISGrass at the stadium gives us consistency throughout all of our playing surfaces.   

Anthony Harry, Head Groundsman, Swansea City AFC

Footage from Swans TV

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