Stora Valla Arena 

SIS International recently completed the full reconstruction of the stadium pitch at the Stora Valla Arena in Sweden. The project commenced on March 1st and the pitch was turfed by April 21st, despite temperatures frequently falling below zero and regular snowfall during the construction period.

Works included excavation to a depth of 450mm, removal of the existing heating system and the installation of a gravel layer, a lower rootzone and an upper rootzone. The SIS international team designed and installed two new systems including, an irrigation system and a heating system. The latter was connected to the existing system on the pitch side. Subsequently, turf was supplied from the Netherlands and installed within two days.

To complete the job, new synthetic surrounds were installed using artificial turf supplied by SIS Manufacturing and completed by our SIS UK and SIS International employees.

This was the first construction project for SIS International outside of Stockholm. Integral local knowledge was provided by Simone Liljenberg, whom SIS have worked with for many years.

Once again, a state-of-the-art international pitch completed, fully in-house by SIS.



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