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SIS Pitches offer specialist running track installation and resurfacing services, providing high-quality tracks that give our clients the edge over their competition. With decades of experience, we’re well placed to design and fit both track and field surfaces.

We’ve worked with some of Ireland’s elite clubs and facilities, as well as universities and schools. Whatever your requirements, our team has the experience and expertise you’re looking for.

SIS Pitches running tracks


All projects are managed by a permanent on-site supervisor
We aim for zero defects by testing at key construction stages and on completion to governing body standards
We provide solutions to problems before you know there is a problem
We construct and install our own polymeric athletics track surfaces, delivering a complete performance guarantee
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Unparalleled Support From Start to Finish


During our initial consultation, we’ll help you to design a system that meets your requirements based on the various track options that we have available. We will then arrange a timetable for the installation itself, fitting all of our activity around your organisation’s schedule to minimise the potential for disruption.


If at any stage your tracks require any cleaning, resurfacing or general maintenance, our team will be more than happy to help. As well as maintaining tracks that we’ve installed for our existing partners, we also offer a standalone resurfacing package that’s available to new clients.


Having worked on a wide variety of projects, SIS Pitches can provide a combination of athletics track surfaces, including:

  • All-weather surfaces
  • Synthetic polymeric tracks
  • 100m sprint straights
  • 400m running surfaces
  • Type 3 and Type 4 MUGAs
  • Long jump and triple jump runways
  • Pole vault run-ups and landing areas
  • Javelin runways


We are pleased to offer a variety of running tracks to our clients. The type of track you choose may depend on your facility, budget and usage levels. If you’re unsure, our team can help you to decide whether a porous, sandwich or solid system would be most appropriate. The sections below outline the differences between these types of running track surfaces.


Running Track Installation | Athletics Track Surfaces | SIS Pitches

The most common synthetic track surface is a porous system. Porous tracks offer a cost-effective solution for facility providers who want to install a track facility for training and low-level local competitions – the softer surface of a porous surface makes it an ideal solution for schools and community athletics clubs.

The system consists of two layers: a base made up of black rubber granules bound in polyurethane resin, and a spray finish of coloured granules and pigmented polyurethane.



Running Track Installation | Athletics Track Surfaces | SIS Pitches

Non-porous “solid” systems are designed for high-level competition and continuous use, offering a harder surface than other types of athletics tracks (as a result, this type of track is typically preferred by elite-level athletes).

Solid systems have a non-porous full-depth construction comprising two layers: a base polyurethane flood coat layer with rubber granules, and a final flood layer of polyurethane topped with a rubber surface dressing.

As this type of surface is impermeable to water it relies on a fall in the track to a perimeter drain to keep the running surface free of surface water. This method of track construction produces excellent finish levels and is recognised as a first-class surface suitable for international standard athletics.



Running Track Installation | Athletics Track Surfaces | SIS Pitches

Often referred to as “hybrid” or “sandwich” systems, this type of track provides a non-porous elite-level surface at a competitive price. This surface is constructed in two layers: a base layer of black rubber granules with a polyurethane resin and flood coat, combined with a rubber surface dressing.

These tracks require a fall in the track to a perimeter drain, which keeps the running surface free of surface water and improves performance. Hybrid systems are also much more durable than porous tracks, requiring less maintenance and reducing the need for repair work.

exceeding our clients’ expectations every time

“We are delighted to provide a testimonial for the excellent and great service provided by SIS Pitches whilst installing our new eight lane 400m athletic track to replace our old track of 20 years.

This refurbishment was a necessity and with a large community of sports people making use of the facility it was a case of now or never. We are immensely inspired and impressed that the community around us have shown their support and generosity in this massive undertaking.

The revamped athletic track provides a huge opportunity for many individuals and small groups to get out and exercise. We know that in the future there will be many schools eager to hold their sports days on the new track, and we look forward to witnessing many Athletics Ireland training courses and events here in the future. The startling blue colour is getting plenty of comments and bringing smiles to faces!

The team at SIS Pitches was a pleasure to work with, from the quotation to finished product they kept us informed of the progress of the installation from start to finish. Any questions we had were answered quickly. The team worked to a very high professional standard and despite Covid-19 they adhered to their promised schedule. Mark and Darren were very professional and always available during the whole project which took 2 months and was completed to an excellent standard with IAAF certification to boost. We hope to have the chance to work with SIS Pitches on future projects and have no problem recommending them to others.

Finally we would like to say thank you to the team for making this goal a reality!”

Claremont Stadium Club Navan

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