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SIS Pitches olarak, doğal çim veya hibrit sahaları çevreleyen alanları oluşturmak için SISturf ürünümüzü kullanıyoruz. Sahayı çevreleyen çimlik alanın uzun süre boyunca gölgede kalması ve oyun zeminini kaplayan büyük çim biçme makinelerinin kullanılması nedeniyle genellikle sahanın en zayıf bölgesini oluşturması nedeniyle SISturf mükemmel bir çözüm sunmaktadır.


Complete your pitch with an attractive, durable pitch surround
Custom colour and branding options enhance and frame your pitch
Strengthens weaker or damaged areas, like lawnmower turning circles
Made from strong, durable turf fibres made in our own UK facility

Unparalleled Support From Start to Finish

football pitch surrounds for natural turf

One of the toughest areas to keep pristine is the ground around the playing area. And this is why so many clubs now look to SISPitches for their solution. Our 3G SISTurf product is available in different widths and is installed by our own teams onto prepared bases, offering the following benefits:

  • Attractive grass like appearance
  • Durability to cope with assistant referee wear
  • Cleaner, better, safer warm up area for substitutes
  • Effective turning area for mowers
  • Our SISTurf surfaces can also accommodate club colours and sponsors logos.

Pitch surrounds the way you want them

Our SISTurf pitch surrounds are available in a choice of colours and can be tailored to carry the logos of the club or club sponsors. They are more visually attractive for a TV audience and are more durable. This means that they are a better surface for players to use for warming up and for linesmen to keep up with play, as they won’t be slipping in the mud. As well as manufacturing our own pitch surrounds, we can also carry out full installation.

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