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6 November 2019

SIS Pitches are pleased to announce a partnership with Powerleague, installing bespoke pitches at over 25 locations nationally.

With over 10 million players per year across the country, Powerleague are specialists in small-sided football. Using the latest turf innovations from SIS Pitches, sites have been transformed, improving the facilities for players.

The striking two-colour striped turf has been developed exclusively for Powerleague by SIS Pitches, the UK’s only one-stop shop for synthetic pitches in the UK.

At the new £1.8m factory in Cumbria, SIS Pitches developed the POWERPITCHES™ to a bespoke specification including:

SISTurf Xtreme synthetic turf

Designed to give outstanding performance and extreme durability, SISTurf Xtreme pitches are resilient and player-friendly. Made in the UK with the finest monofilament yarn, the POWERPITCH™ turf has been developed by experts, to decrease ball rebound and roll. The high pile weight and combination fibres means the surface is more cushioned, resulting in lower ball bounce and ball roll, improving the surface for football.

Stitched Seams

Powerleague have opted for stitched seams on all POWERPITCHES™, which are stronger than traditional glued seams. This will help reduce the number of repairs on the surface over time.

SISBond premium backing system

The state-of-the-art Polyurethane coating used is specifically engineered for artificial turf, increasing fibre retention and helping to improve seam strength, providing enhanced durability, perfect for high endurance and heavy-use facilities.

Hot melt line installation

Powerleague are one of the first in the UK to implement this revolutionary method of line marking on synthetic pitches. This innovation using hot glue, secures lines on top of artificial turf, instead of cutting through the turf backing which creates stronger, more durable pitches and reduces repair costs.

We have invested both our passion and knowledge in developing a unique product for Powerleague to bring a surface like no other to the 5 a-side sector.

The regeneration project has been one of the biggest small sided resurfacing projects carried out by SIS Pitches in a short period of time, and we are extremely proud of both the delivery and quality of installation installed using techniques that no other installers are doing in the UK

Simon Mroczek, UK Operations Director, SIS Pitches

We are very excited to now offer our brand new and exclusive POWERPITCH™ across the majority of Powerleague clubs, as part of our wider regeneration plans; continuing our quest to deliver the best in class pitch surfaces to our customers.

As our best ever playing surface, not only do they look stunning, but they provide our players with a softer pitch to play on, closely aligned to the performance of a premium natural pitch

Christian Rose, Chief Executive Officer, Powerleague