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10 January 2018

It has come to SISGrass’s attention that certain companies try to use the technology that SISGrass has developed and patented. As some of these companies have not responded adequately to our requests and proposals, SISGrass decided to launch its Intellectual Property Enforcement Plan 2020. Where necessary, this includes also legal actions.

In the year 2017, a first favorable judgement has been obtained in Germany, against a German manufacturer. This judgement is based upon our patent EP 3 029 199 B1. It is final and non-appealable.

In the year 2018, a second court case is pending, also based upon our EP 3 029 199 B1. The review of the patent validity is ongoing, and the enforcement proceedings will continue thereafter.

We are aware of the fact that the defendant of this second court case disseminates the message that he won this pending second court case. SISGrass strongly recommends to not rely on such an impression.

The patent EP 3 029 199 B1 is in force, which can be easily verified by checking the European patent register. Patent infringement can result in an exposure to substantial damages claims. An infringement occurs not only by manufacturing and selling machines with the patented technology, but also by using them and even by enabling third parties to do so. An intentional patent infringement is a crime. SISGrass strongly recommends not supporting any party in infringing our patents. Within our IP Enforcement Plan 2020, a series of appropriate further steps will follow.