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28 January 2022

Meet SISAir

SISAir is our developed aeration system to ensure a healthy playing ground. Installed at the Luzhniki Stadium stadium in Russia for the 2018 World Cup, as well as at 7 of the pitches installed in Qatar for the 2022 World Cup. An aeration system is a requirement for a FIFA pitch, and we’re delighted that ours lives up to the standard.

The SISAir root aeration system can make a significant contribution to developing a better and stronger playing surface, reducing ongoing maintenance costs and lowering the risk of damages, especially in poor weather conditions.


The innovative system has been designed to proactively manage soil moisture content and remove excess water from the soil profile. It can also boost ventilation of the root zone, providing optimum levels essential for promoting good rooting and managing potential disorders, as well as promoting a good gas exchange in the root zone. This brings benefits throughout the year, with optimum root zone temperature range maintained during the summer months, while complementing the operation of the under-soil heating system during the winter months.

aeration system BENEFITS for your PITCH & SUBSURFACE

  • Provide a firmer and more consistent pitch
  • Increase playing surface resilience to wear and tear
  • Promote healthier, more disease-resistant turf by increasing microbial activity and aerobic bacterial decomposition of organics in the root zone
  • Reduce heat stress on the roots in summer
  • Promote even distribution of warm air in the winter
  • Increase root mass and depth

If you’d like to find out more about the SISAir pitch aeration system and how it could benefit your pitch, contact our experts today – we’re happy to help.