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Synthetic Grass Tennis Court Installation

Installing state of the art tennis courts is a specialised operation that requires an experienced and highly trained team. As well as manufacturing the synthetic turf in our UK factory, we also carry out our own installations to ensure that the quality of every tennis court is consistently high.

We’ve installed synthetic grass and Macadam painted tennis courts for a number of educational and sports facilities including:

synthetic grass Tennis Court Cost

The price of your synthetic grass tennis court will depend on a number of different factors, including location, materials, number of courts etc.

The price of a synthetic grass tennis court is bespoke for each client, get in touch for a free consultation today. 

Experienced Installers of Hybrid Grass For Tennis Courts

SIS Pitches has engineered a revolutionary approach to tennis court installation, broadening the horizons for tennis players and groundskeepers alike. Our unique SISGrass products offer greater playing surface durability and stability, providing extended hours of play with faster grass surface recovery times – all while remaining more than 95% natural grass.

Our exclusive SISGrass Universal machine is the cutting-edge in natural grass surface reinforcement technology. It provides fast, accurate stitching at different depths which is perfect for tennis courts of any size. Our patented injection technology raises the bar for the hybrid grass tennis court market.

SISGrass tennis court, Hyrbid tennis court

Who We Work With

Our commitment is to help professional athletes, amateurs and beginners compete at their very best. SISGrass is an award-winning turf system, having received the prestigious Sports Technology Award for ‘Best use of technology by a Venue, Stadium Club or Franchise’. We have also won the inaugural SAPCA Award for Excellence, a benchmark in quality, innovation and advancement across the sports and play construction industry.

SISGrass has already been installed at:

  • The Hurlingham Club
  • The Wimbledon Club

“The Wimbledon Club asked SISGrass to prepare a hybrid surface into one of our seven grass courts as a trial through the summer of 2020.

This trial has gone extremely well, the ability to compare this hybrid court, which was treated to several metres either side of the baselines, with 100% grass courts, demonstrated its playability at times when the other courts could not be played.

The installation was extremely professional with laser guided installation machinery and the company has been checking the installation at regular intervals. I would certainly recommend this company and their novel approach to extending the playability of grass courts.”

David Renshaw – The Wimbledon Club

“The addition of the SISGrass system to the base ends on some of our most problematic grass courts has been a big success.

Right from the start of the project, Phil Blackwell and his installation team have been thoroughly professional and worked closely with us to deliver the best courts we can for our members. It has enabled us to retain more grass for longer on our baseline areas and also to reduce the ‘bowling’ effect associated with heavy baseline wear on grass courts.”

Neil Harvey, The Hurlingham Club

Hybrid Grass Tennis Court Installation and Construction

Our SISGrass Universal machine can install both SISGrass and SISGrass Lite. Both products produce high-quality hybrid tennis courts for all types of clients.

SISGrass can be installed into newly constructed tennis court surfaces, whereas SISGrass Lite is ideal for installation into existing and established grass courts where the construction profiles may be shallow or consist of older, heavier soils.

We can meet your exact requirements with variable stitching spacings and depths our surfaces can be renovated annually.

Hybrid Grass Tennis Court Maintenance

The amount of tennis court maintenance that your facility will require depends on:

  • The location (whether it’s in the city or country, an open area or near trees)
  • The frequency of use (how often your tennis courts are used)
  • The type of surface (hybrid or artificial)

This is where our team of qualified and experienced specialists can help. Our in-house maintenance service, SISPlus, gives grounds teams constant access to professional advice and support from our friendly team. Not only can our expert maintenance team increase the longevity of your tennis courts, but they can also help to improve and sustain their performance.

We have installed sports surfaces all over the world, working with the biggest names in sport.

Hybrid Grass Tennis Court Cost

The price of your hybrid grass tennis court will depend on a number of different factors, including size, type, quality, brand and location.

The price of a hybrid grass tennis court is bespoke for each client, get in touch for a free consultation today. Our specialists can provide an exact cost, based on your requirements.

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