SISPlus, our in-house maintenance experts have recently completed a transformational project on the athletics facilities at Durham University.

In the world of athletics, every split-second counts. With this in mind, it is essential to undertake regular cleaning and maintenance in order to ensure competitors can always perform at their optimal level.

As well as helping to maintain high performance standards, regular maintenance can enhance longevity.

Athletics Track

stage 1 – Deep clean

The first step was to perform a deep clean all around the track surface. This was achieved with our specialist high-pressure water cleaning equipment to remove embedded dirt, debris and other organic contaminants. The results were remarkable and you can see the difference it made early on in the project.

stage 2 – Attention to detail

In conjunction with the main cleaning unit, hand-held pressure lances were used to attack the hard to reach areas. The pressure washer allowed extreme attention to detail on the numbers of the lanes and gave them a fresh new look.

stage 3 – Seating area clean up

Whilst our focus was undoubtedly on the track, we also took time to clean up surrounds and seating areas; removing any debris that had accumulated and ensuring that it wouldn’t find it’s way back onto the freshly cleaned track.

The SISPlus team blitzed the area, uncovering and removing all of the unwanted debris. While it wasn’t affecting performance, it’s a nice touch to make spectators feel more comfortable when they’re cheering the athletes on!

We’re glad to see the Athletics track back performing at its best. Well done to the SISPlus team for the impressive transformation.

Luke Edwards, SISPlus Director

Other facilities on-site

As well as the Athletics track, Durham University boasts an impressive variety of facilities, most installed and maintained by SIS Pitches.


The students have access to state-of-the-art hockey facilities. The water-based hockey surface uses the SISTurf Xcel Ultra – a high-quality, state-of-the-art surface. The combination of a high-grade, polyethylene polymer, 10-ended texturised yarn and optimised turf construction provides a remarkable performance, most notably the speed and consistency of the ball movement.



When you’re one of the highest ranked universities for sports provision, it’s important to have a diverse selection of high-quality sports pitches. The University boasts multiple high-quality artificial Football and Rugby pitches, installed by SIS Pitches. The Rugger 65 surface allows for all weather play, at the highest standard, for many years.

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