There was an excellent turnout to celebrate the opening of the new state-of-the-art sports facility. Wothorpe was opened by the junior school’s head boy and girl, as well as students from Stamford school and high school, along with Principal Mr. Will Phelan.

The sports centre has an excellent selection of facilities for all of the students to use to maximise their potential.

The facility boasts a fully equipped gym, immaculate changing rooms, and two dance and fitness studios, with a retractable segregating wall. SIS Pitches were tasked with installing the two hockey pitches outside of the sports centre.  To complement these features, there is a wonderfully bright, open front of house space with seating areas – a prime viewing spot for the first hockey pitch.

Having worked with Stamford previously, SIS Pitches eagerly took on a significant role in the transformation.

initial works

The work began with extensive enabling works, earthworks, and site clearance. Firstly, the team demolished the existing pavilion building, paving the way for the new sports centre. Following this, specified trees and roots were removed, as were existing kerb edgings, fencing, and floodlights. The existing synthetic carpet was then removed in order to replace the shockpad.

Pitch Installation

After the initial work was completed, construction on the two new 101.4 x 61-meter hockey pitches could begin. The pitch areas were first covered with 15 mm of rubber shockpad. Once complete, the installation of SISTurf Xcel synthetic carpet commenced. The green and reflex blue surfaces were completed with a dressing of sand applied.

Stamford takes great pride in its facilities, which are constantly evolving to provide more provision and opportunities across sports. In order to champion this, they commissioned 12 tennis courts to be marked out on one of the pitches, allowing for up to 48 individuals to play tennis at once.

Once the markings were complete, the new nets and dugouts were installed to finalise the playing area. To conclude the project, fences and rebound mesh were supplied and installed around the perimeter of the facility, as well as 12 x 15m LED floodlights.

It’s been amazing to see the evolution of Stamford’s facilities. The high quality facilities are essential to help the students perform to the best of their abilities

Scott Doutre, SIS Pitches

SIS Pitches installs futuristic cricket facility at Stamford School

SIS Pitches has completed work at Stamford before. Earlier this year, the team started the refurbishment of the cricket wicket facility.

The work began with the excavation of the existing dynamic layer. Subsequently, the foundations were levelled and compacted using 50 mm of Ollisett stone. The groundworks were completed with surrounds using 150 x 50 PCC kerbs.

Surface Install

Our SISTurf Cricket Pro synthetic carpet was manufactured in the SIS Pitches factory and tailored to the specific needs of cricket. The product was tufted over a specialist 6mm needle-punch for effective ball performance base in batting ends, and a 10mm needle punch for player performance base in bowler’s ends.

It makes use of a high-quality, texturized polyethylene monofilament fibre to create a dense, durable, and resilient surface with excellent ball-surface and player-surface interaction. The carpet is further enhanced by our unique SISBond PU coating system. The immaculate playing surface was then completed with new steelworks and a netting system.

The end result of the project was remarkable. The 6 practice zones look almost futuristic, with premium quality and performance standards, making this facility one of the best in the country. The project was impressively turned around in just under one month.

SIS Pitches were delighted to deliver this large, purpose-built, world-class cricket practice facility for Stamford Endowed Schools…

Luke Edwards, Technical Director, SIS Pitches




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