In September 2017, SIS Pitches embarked on a great project at O’Donnell Park, home of St Eunan’s GAA Club in Letterkenny, County Donegal.

trio of terrific terrains

SIS Pitches was very proud to carry out the installation of 3 new outdoor synthetic pitches at the site. All pitches were installed with SISTURF Superior 60, which is designed specifically for heavy-use, making it perfect for training areas, GAA ball-walls, hurling and skills-walls. All pitches were installed on a prefabricated shockpad.

St Eunan's GAA Club
Pitches at St Eunan’s GAA Club under lights


The synthetic surfaces provided on all 3 pitches at St Eunan’s GAA Club met with the high-quality specifications outlined in the tender process, compiled to ensure that the client was delivered the very best GAA surfaces.

Everyone at St Eunan’s GAA Club has been extremely pleased with the end result and are thoroughly enjoying playing on the world-class pitches!