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Our in-house artificial pitch maintenance and aftercare team, SISPlus, ensures that all surfaces are maintained to the highest standards, supported by our high levels of customer service. We offer a variety of synthetic turf maintenance packages, with specialist equipment and experienced operatives.


  • SISPlus Sanitise 

SISCleanse treatment for sports surfaces

Sanitise your synthetic sports surfaces to protect the safety and well-being of those that play on your surfaces.

Our specialised artificial pitch maintenance services will help to elevate standards of hygiene and cleanliness for your sports fields and facilities.

We have a variety of professional synthetic turf maintenance services to sanitise your surfaces, including SIS ProClean, SIS ProSweep and SIS Cleanse.

  • SISPlus Customise

Every customer is different. Every SISPlus maintenance package is customised to meet the demands of each surface and facility.

As part of each visit, we will do a full inspection of the surface including seams and play lines on your pitch. Where required, we can undertake painted line marking in accordance with guidelines from the governing bodies, provide equipment such as football goals and carry out checks on your floodlighting too!

  • SISPlus Energise

Breathe life back into your artificial sports turf, with our Energise products. With a variety of specialist treatments available, we can bring your surface back to the optimal playing condition. We have a variety of treatments available that can enhance your surface performance and lifespan, including weed and moss treatments and infill top ups.

  • SISPlus Revitalise 

SIS Pitches 3g pitch maintenance Gloucestershire FA

Revitalise your artificial turf and other synthetic surfaces!

No matter how well a synthetic pitch is installed, you will need to maintain your surface, and from time to time minor repairs may need to be undertaken. In order to keep your field in optimal condition, and to avoid potential hazards, it is important to schedule regular specialist maintenance and repairs when required.

This is where SISPlus can lend a hand! As the UK’s largest one-stop shop for synthetic pitches, we have invested heavily in our range of sports surface maintenance equipment. This means we can offer a variety of specialist artificial sports turf maintenance packages, to decompact and clean your surfaces using the very best equipment available.


Deep clean & infill distribution

As an addition to our comprehensive SISPlus artificial sports turf maintenance programme, we can offer a deep cleaning service, which we recommend is carried out once or twice per year. This is particularly important on heavily used areas, to ensure a long synthetic pitch lifespan and optimum performance.

We have 2 artificial pitch maintenance services available to our customers, depending on your requirements.

SIS ProClean – (takes a full day per pitch and is recommended 1 time per annum): this Deep Clean service removes debris and fine dust/contaminants from the infill and turf. A combination of rotary brushes, sieves and high-velocity airstream lifts the contaminated infill and separates the fine dust particles and larger debris, before returning the ‘cleaned’ infill back to the surface. This process also decompacts the infill, which helps both drainage and performance.. Our Horger SKU 1500 Cleaning Unit, has benefitted our customers by providing them with enhanced longevity, better playability and a more consistent surface.

SIS ProSweep – (only takes 2-4 hours per pitch and recommended 2-6 times per annum): this specialist equipment removes all kinds of dirt from the top layer of a synthetic pitch; from cigarettes, leaves and papers to plastic bottles. During operation, debris and infill from the upper part of the surface is lifted on to a vibrating sieve using a rotary brush. Infill material from the upper part of the system is separated from the debris and, thanks to the vibration of the sieve, all pollution is collected in hoppers at the end. The machine also features two rubber wheels at the front to ensure that it will roll softly across the artificial pitch.

SISCLEANSE anti-bacterial treatment

With the COVID-19 pandemic posing health and safety challenges for sports facilities, we are now offering an anti-viral and anti-bacterial deep cleaning service, SIS Cleanse.

Disinfecting pitches, playing surfaces and grounds must now be the priority so that sports can kick off safely. Find out more about how we can help.


SIS PowerClean – water-based power cleaning for all types of sports surfaces

New for 2021, we are pleased to announce our new power cleaning system for all types of artificial sports surfaces.

Over time, wind, rain and other environmental pollution can infect your artificial sports surfaces, which can make them unsafe for your facility users.

With our variety of specialised machinery, we are able to deep clean your surfaces to make sure they perform to their highest standard. Power cleaning your surfaces can have many advantages, including reduction of slipping risks, early detection of any damage to your surface and removal of moss and algae.

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Discover our essential artificial sports turf aftercare and maintenance regimes that have helped clients across the UK maintain the longevity and performance of their synthetic pitch!

  • Gloucestershire FA
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  • Doncaster Knights RFC
  • Hartpury University

The better you look after your sports pitch, the longer it will last. Contact us today to discuss your artificial pitch maintenance!

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