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SISGrass have engineered a revolutionary approach to golf course maintenance, opening up new possibilities for golfers and groundskeepers alike. Our brand-new SISGrass Universal machine is at the cutting-edge of natural grass surface reinforcement technology, providing fast, accurate stitching at different depths and on different terrain types. Currently used on golf tees, fairway entrances and walkways, our patented injection technology raises the bar for the hybrid surface market.


A more consistent, year-round surface on tees
Less repair works and faster turf recovery allows for increased facility usage
Better playability and improved appearance
Reduced damage to tees and walkway areas
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We pride ourselves in our commitment to help both professional athletes and amateurs compete at their best. Our hybrid golf surfaces are already being recognised with awards for their potential for revolutionising the golf industry. SISGrass technology is one of the most innovative solutions on the market, allowing for shallower and more variable stitching than ever before.


SISGrass, revolutionary technology, has already been successfully trialled at a number of prestigious clubs.

“Since being stitched with SISGrass, the tee on the par 3 13th at Long Ashton has seen improved surface consistency and stability. Surface damage is reduced through play, extending the usage and improving recovery time with less repair work. The SISGrass fibres blend naturally into the grass sward, improving the appearance of the tee after usage.”

James Braithwaite, Golf Course Manager at Long Ashton Golf Club


We always strive to provide a custom solution for all types of clients and surfaces. So we’ve developed our SISGrass technology, now available for a variety of different sports and surfaces:


Our SISGrass Universal machine can install both SISGrass and SISGrass Lite, both products produce a high-quality hybrid playing surface.

SISGrass Lite has been designed specifically for golf clubs and associations, with its ability to be installed at different spacing into shallower, only partly constructed sports surface profiles. The Lite version of our hybrid golf grass is also perfect because it:

  • Offers similar surface conditions and playability benefits of SISGrass
  • Allows for variable stitching spacings to meet your requirements
  • Has fibres stitched at a depth of 90mm with 10mm of fibre above the surface
  • Can be easily removed and replaced at the end of a 3-4 year lifespan


SISGrass, our award-winning reinforced natural turf system, is available in a compact machine SISGrass Universal.

SISGrass Universal is an extremely mobile, versatile machine, able to negotiate around any golf course. 100% electric, our machine goes a fairway to ensuring that players are not disturbed while in use!

The machine represents the perfect solution for golf clubs facing challenges in maintaining uniform grass quality in high-wear areas, such as tees and walkways.


Our patented technology has been tested by the Sports Turf Research Institute (STRI), one of the world’s leading authorities on pitch quality. Their findings were that SISGrass Lite ‘produces a good standard surface, which can be successfully renovated’.

SISGrass IS A Patron of The Federation of European Golf Greenkeepers Association

We’re proud to become a Patron of The Federation of European Golf Greenkeepers Association (FEGGA). The umbrella body for the National Greenkeeping Associations in Europe, FEGGA currently has members across Europe, South Africa and USA.

The Federation provides educational programmes, environmental policies and assists promotion of the profession of golf turf management country by country, working with golf bodies and other allied associations.


If you’re looking for artificial grass to build your own putting green for your club or home, our sister company, Buzzgrass, can help.

Providing high-quality synthetic turf surfaces at competitive prices, its never been easier to transform your space. Manufactured in the same factory as SIS Pitches products, you can be sure that Buzzgrass home putting greens match up to the industry standard.

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