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Football Pitch Construction, Trusted by Professionals

The full pitch service provided by SIS Pitches is based on the practical experience we’ve gained in hybrid grass and 3G football pitch construction for the world’s best teams for over a decade. We are a FIFA Licensee, having manufactured and installed FIFA Quality Pro and FIFA Quality hybrid football pitches throughout the UK.

We’re experts in football pitch construction, providing a professional and efficient service, leaving you with a top quality football pitch. Whether it’s a hybrid football pitch, grass football pitch or artificial football pitch, our expert team and industry-leading equipment will ensure a fantastic playing surface.


All projects are managed by a permanent site supervisor
We aim for zero defects by testing at key football pitch construction stages and on completion, to governing body standards
We provide solutions to problems before you know there is a problem
We manufacture and install our own hybrid turf, delivering a complete performance guarantee
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Who We Work With

Our football pitch construction and installation services have helped many different organisations, from Premier League clubs to schools and universities. We’ve worked with some of the most prestigious sports clubs and educational institutions in the UK, including universities with reputations for sporting excellence such as Loughborough University and Durham University.

To learn more about our work with organisations in the education sector, visit our school, college and university page.

The clients we work with:

Artificial, Hybrid & Natural Football Pitch Construction

Synthetic football pitches are the preferred surface when you require more hours of usage on the pitch than a normal natural grass pitch could sustain. This might include additional matches being played or training sessions. Synthetic surfaces are appropriate for renting the pitch out.

Hybrid grass football pitches are chosen for their high-quality surface, with the benefits of a natural turf pitch. If the football pitch needs extended playable hours but needs to retain its good condition that a standard natural grass pitch might struggle with, a hybrid grass pitch is recommended.

To compare how the different pitch surfaces can be used:

Pitch Type Withstands for number of matches
Natural 30 matches
Hybrid 100 matches
Synthetic 1,000 matches


Synthetic 3G Football Pitches

Our artificial football pitch systems are based on extensive research and feedback from professional players and some of the world’s leading football coaches. We also draw on the expertise of leading independent consultants in Europe who specify football pitch construction and synthetic turf laying systems.

SISTurf (our synthetic 3G football turf) incorporates long-pile turf made from monofilament or fibrillated yarns to give outstanding performance and durability. 

Thanks to the flexibility of our football pitch manufacturing facilities, we can provide you with a unique carpet specification to meet your precise requirements.

Hybrid Football Pitches

SIS Pitches are experts in hybrid football pitches, providing our industry-leading services to major football clubs and sports grounds in the UK and worldwide. Our SISGrass hybrid football pitches consist of 95% natural grass which is reinforced with synthetic stitched fibres. The allows greater durability and longer playing time with the feel of real grass.

Natural Grass Football Pitch

A natural grass football pitch in a stadium environment is preferred when a top groundsman is available to sustain this high-quality natural turf. This is often the players preferred choice of football surface, with the only limitation being the amount of use the pitch can get.

Football pitches, whether it be a synthetic, hybrid or natural pitch, are constructed in the same way as any other of these types of pitches. The only difference being that for football the grass should be cut shorter than average.

We offer free consultations to sports clubs, schools, colleges and universities. Get in touch today and let us handle the rest.

Football Pitch Manufacturing

At SIS Pitches, we manufacture a variety of  artificial football pitch systems that meet the high standards of Football clubs, professional players and the world’s leading football coaches all over the world.

Thanks to the quality and durability of our construction, the pitch provides better, safer playing conditions and a longer pitch life.

Football Pitch Installation

At SIS Pitches, we install a variety of artificial football pitches that meet the high standards of professional football clubs, players and coaches. We are a FIFA Licensee, having manufactured and installed FIFA Quality Pro and FIFA Quality hybrid football pitches throughout the UK.

Football Pitch Maintenance

The amount of football pitch maintenance that your facility will require depends on:

  • The location (whether it’s in the city or country, an open area or near trees)
  • The frequency of use (how often your football pitches are used)
  • The type of surface (hybrid or artificial)

Our team of qualified and experienced specialists can help. Our in-house maintenance service, SISPlus, gives ground teams constant access to professional advice and support from our friendly team. 

Not only can our expert maintenance team increase the longevity of your sports pitches, but they can also help to improve and sustain their performance.

Football Pitch Cost

The price of your football pitch will depend on a number of different factors, including size, type, quality, brand and location.

The price of a football pitch is bespoke for each client, get in touch for a free consultation today. Our specialists can provide an exact cost, based on your requirements.

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