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We’re proud to do business differently.

A B Corporation is one that is committed to and continually meets the highest standards of social and environmental accountability, public transparency, and legal responsibility. ‘B Corp’ is the only certification that measures a company’s entire performance and evaluates how its operations, business model, and profits affect employees, the environment, customers, and the community.

oUR journey to certification

Our B-Corp certification took a total of 2 years to obtain. The rigorous assessment process involves completing over 300 B-impact questions on 5 key areas of the business; workers, governance, environment, customers and the community. We worked alongside the B-Lab team, often providing evidence to show that our mission not only meets the standards of B-Corp today, but we have plans and commitments to improve each area in the future.

The B-Corp status solidifies who we have always been and provides us with a framework to closely track our impact on people and the planet. Re-certification is every 3 years ensuring we are putting the right priorities and goals at the heart of everything we do.

The future

We are on the Pathway to Net Zero by 2026. This means that in the next four years, we will achieve a balance between the  carbon emissions we produce and carrying out activity which removes carbon emissions from the atmosphere, to reach a net result of zero.

By our B-CORP re-certification year in 2025, we aim to increase our B-impact score to 100. We have a number of initiatives in place in order to do so;

  • Use non-virgin plastic yarns, such as recycled or biopolymer
  • Reduce our use of micro-plastic infills by replacing them with organic infills
  • Develop pitches which are fully recyclable
  • Recycle every pitch we replace
  • Achieve an all-electric fleet of company vehicles

We’re proud of our achievements and the way our business works. Putting people, diversity and our commitments at the centre of all we do is how we define success as a business.

Our B Impact Score