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sports Pitch maintenance

The amount of sports pitch maintenance required depends on a number of factors. These can include:

  • The type of sport played (including high-intensity sports such as football, rugby, hockey and tennis)
  • The location (whether it’s in the city or country, an open area or near trees)
  • The frequency of use (how many hours use the area gets per week)
  • The surface (whether it’s artificial, hybrid or natural turf)

There are lots of factors to consider when putting together a sports turf maintenance schedule. Every pitch is different, and we pride ourselves on our custom approach, putting together a tailored package for each client.

The SISPlus team consists of specialists in pitch care and sports surface maintenance. We’ve got the expertise you need, whatever the surface you play on. If you have any questions about your pitch requirements or how we can help, get in touch.

artificial grass synthetic turf pitch maintenance service


Bespoke maintenance packages tailored to your needs
Easy-to-use portal system to help you manage your pitches
Expert advice and support whenever you need it
Regular maintenance can extend your pitch lifespan by multiple years

Unparalleled Support From Start to Finish

Your dedicated SPORTS GROUND maintenance company

Our in-house sports pitch maintenance and aftercare team, SISPlus, ensures that all surfaces are maintained to the highest standards, supported by our high levels of customer service. We offer a variety of sports surface maintenance packages, with specialist equipment and experienced operatives.

Sports Pitch care to suit your needs

There are two types of pitch care maintenance that you will need to complete to get the most from your pitch:

  • Routine turf maintenance: This involves light regular maintenance activities which can be carried out in-house if you have a grounds team.
  • Specialist SISPlus Maintenance: This includes periodic, in-depth maintenance activities on sports surfaces carried out by our experts.


Our wide range of services are made to increase the longevity and increase the ROI of your playing surface.
Surface:  2G & 3G surfaces.
Benefits:  Cleans and decompacts infill. Removes debris and contaminants via sieving and vacuuming.
How often?  Recommended annually. Compliments in-house and specialist routine maintenance.

maintenance brushing completing proclean service.


Surface:  2G & 3G surfaces.
Benefits:  ‘Lighter’ version of ProClean. Quicker and less infil removal (only targets top 3-5mm)
How often?  1-4 times per year.

Infill top-ups

Infill levels on pitches are pivotal for longevity, as they help to protect the fibre.
Surface:  2G & 3G surfaces.
Benefits:  We use the Avant & Toro spreader for maximum efficiency. Correct infill levels result in optimal performance and safety.
How often?  Each surface needs to be measured and recorded to determine if it is needed. In general, there should be enough infill to leave 18–20 mm of free fibre.


Our team have invested in both the Horger SKR and KBR to be able to complete maintenance on as many surfaces as possible.

Surface:  2G (Horger SKR) & Water-based hockey, athletics tracks, polymerics, MUGA’s (Horger KBR)
Benefits: High-pressure machine washes the surface and collects the dirty water residue.

  • Revitalises aesthetics of the surface.
  • Cleaning the surface reduces accident risk


You can regularly find our SISPlus team installing fresh linemarkings across the countries various synthetic surfaces.

Surface:  Football, Hockey, Lacrosse, Tennis, Netball, Rugby and more.
Benefits:  Gives your surface a new, fresh look.
How often?  This can vary as a decision is normally made when the linemarkings become less visible.

Pitch repairs

Our maintenance team are not only specialists at maintaining pitches, they also are experts at repairing playing surfaces. The most common works completed are, but not limited to:

  • Failed seams
  • Damaged carpet
  • Undulatons
  • Fire damage
  • Shockpad damage
  • Flood damage

Other Services

At SIS Pitches we pride ourselves on our extensive knowledge of sports facilities, we can also assist with the following:

  • Lighting maintenance
  • Equipment maintenance and supply
  • Civils
  • Testing (FIFA, World Rugby, FIH etc)
  • Fencing
  • Landscaping and more…

Passport365 online portal

All SISPlus customers have access to our Passport365 online portal!

The portal works on a variety of mobile and desktop devices, so your team can easily complete weekly pitch reports, communicate with our team and manage all aspects of your pitch care routine efficiently and effectively.

SISPlus gives you the flexibility to update your pitch reports from wherever you are, making it easy keep on top of your maintenance.

ALL WEATHER pitch maintenance

All weather pitch maintenance is important to get the most from your surface throughout the seasons. Snowfall and prolonged dry or wet periods can all impact the quality of your playing fields without regular maintenance. If you’re unsure what to do, contact us for advice. 


We maintain all types of synthetic surfaces, from 3G pitches to running tracks, our team of experts can help!

We can tailor a maintenance package based on the needs of your facility – whether that’s regular scheduled maintenance or specialised treatments, we have it covered. For more information please see our artificial pitch maintenance page.


We maintain hybrid and natural turf surfaces. Due to each site’s specific needs, each sports surface will require a bespoke regime. Please contact us for more information and to increase the life of your sports pitch.

The better you look after your sports pitch, the longer it will last. Contact us today to discuss your sports pitch maintenance!

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