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SISGrass* prides itself on being an innovative company, committed to using new technologies. We develop systems and products that enable the very best performance. We pledge to carry on working in this manner to assist our clients to achieve the highest possible goals.

SISGrass owns several trademarks, patents and patent applications.  We do our homework. SISGrass observes the market to maintain a great awareness of patents and pending patent applications in the sector of hybrid grass technology.

We work hard to respect the IP rights of our competitors, and in turn we expect third parties to respect our IP rights. We believe that healthy competition is favourable for both consumers and the overall market. As such, we protect our innovations.

Where a mutual understanding regarding our IP rights is not possible, we rely on decisions of neutral and competent courts.

If you have any doubts regarding the scope of our IP rights or if you fear infringing one of our IP rights, please do not hesitate to contact us. Together we will clarify the situation.

See a comprehensive list of our patents here.


*SISGrass BV Ltd operating as SISGrass Brand

SIS Pitches and SISGrass are trademarks.