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All projects are managed in-house from start to finish
We can manufacture the highest-quality artificial Padel turf at our leading synthetic turf production plant in Cumbria.
Consistent, high-quality padel surfaces
Our experts install our own turf, delivering a complete performance guarantee
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Experienced Installers of Padel Courts

Over the years we have installed padel courts internationally and worked with construction companies to fulfil the needs of sporting organisations.

Our extensive experience ensures that every project is completed with precision and durability in mind, allowing padel enthusiasts to have a world-class playing surface.

Who We Work With

Our commitment is to help professional athletes, amateurs and beginners compete at their very best. SISTurf is used in many locations alongside forms of tennis and we strive for only the very best outcomes.

SISTurf has already been installed at:

And many others!

Artificial Padel Turf Manufacturing

We are proud to produce the highest-quality artificial Padel turf at our leading synthetic turf production plant in Cumbria. The SISTurf Court Pro is a premium sand-dressed, texturised monofilament surface designed for beginners and experienced Padel players.


  • Blue
  • Green
  • Rust
  • Yellow

Padel Court Installation

Padel is becoming increasingly popular as a sport and demand for padel courts has never been higher. Created with a short pile artificial turf, the court is 20x10m taking up a third of the space from a full size tennis court. The enclosure allows the ball to rebound into other areas of the court so appropriate turf is required to minimise rebuttal.

  • 20m x 10m
  • Enclosed court
  • Fastest growing sport in Europe
  • Established in early 1900s
  • Official sport of Britain in 1992

Padel Court Maintenance

The amount of padel court maintenance that your facility will require depends on how much your courts are getting used.

Our team of qualified and experienced specialists can help. Our in-house maintenance service, SISPlus, gives ground teams constant access to professional advice and support from our friendly team. 

Not only can our expert maintenance team increase the longevity of your tennis courts, but they can also help to improve and sustain their performance.

Padel Court Cost

The price of your artificial padel court will depend on a number of different factors, including size, type, quality, brand and location.

The price of an artificial padel court is bespoke for each client, get in touch for a free consultation today. Our specialists can provide an exact cost, based on your requirements.

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