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SISAir is an innovative subsurface aeration system designed to proactively manage soil moisture content and remove excess water from the soil profile. It also helps to boost ventilation of the soil and helps provide gas exchange in the root zone. This brings benefits throughout the year, with better temperature moderation in the root zone during the summer months, and help with the operation of the undersoil heating system in the winter months. The SISAir system can make a significant contribution to developing a better playing surface, reducing ongoing maintenance costs and lowering the risk of damage to the playing surface.


diagram of SISAir aeration system


Increase aeration and remove unwanted gases in the root zone
Provide temperature moderation in the root zone
Increase microbial activity and provides disease resistant turf
Provide a firmer and more consistent pitch
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  • Besiktas, Vodafone Arena (Turkey)
  • FC Krasnodar, Krasnodar Arena (Russia)
  • Spartak Moscow, Otkrytiye Arena (Russia)
  • Shakhtar Donetsk, Donbass Arena (Ukraine)
  • Galatasaray, Rams Park (Turkey)
  • 2018 FIFA World Cup Final, Luzhniki Stadium (Russia)
  • HPCA Stadium, Dharamshala (India)
  • Samsunspor, Samsun 19 Mayıs Stadium (Turkey)
  • Tianjin Stadium (China)
  • Shanghai Shenhua, Shanghai Stadium (China)
  • Beijing Guoan, Workers Stadium (China)
  • River Plate, Estadio Monumental (Argentina)

how the sisair subsurface aeration system works

To achieve subsurface aeration, water removal and gas exchange, the SISAir system forces air movement through the soil profile beneath the grassed playing surface. Thanks to blower fan connection with a series of variable control dampers to a specially designed air and drainage pipe network the system can create either vacuum or pressure in the soil profile.

An automatic air non return valve is also incorporated into a water separator to provide a means of closing off the piped drainage network from the gravity drains. This system enables air to flow up or down in pressure or vacuum mode through the soil profile.

The pressure blower fan, associated mechanical equipment and the control panel for the SISAir system are located in a plant room under the stadium terraces. This equipment is connected via an underground air pipe to the water separator and the network of pipes laid under the grassed playing surface.

The SISAir system is managed via an operator touch panel located in the plant room that enables manual operation, pre-set daily scheduled operation and other integrated with it, for example, irrigation and heating systems. The control system can be easily upgraded to a fully automated system controlled by in ground sensors, external weather station, retractable.

Field & Subsurface benefits

  • Provides a firmer and more consistent field.
  • Increases playing surface resilience to wear and tear.
  • Promotes healthier, more disease resistant turf by increasing microbial activity and aerobic bacterial decomposition of organics in the root zone.
  • Reduces heat stress on the roots in summer.
  • Promotes even distribution of warm air in the winter.

Automation & Compatibility

The SISAir system is managed via an operator touch screen installed on the face of the SISAir control panel, located in the plant room. The touch screen is password protected and enables either manual mode, pre-set daily scheduled mode or pressure for heat mode to be selected.

  • The SISAir operation can be integrated with other systems such as irrigation and heating.
  • The SISAir control system can be easily upgraded to a fully automated system controlled by in ground
    moisture, gas and temperature sensors or via an external weather station.
  • The SISAir system helps significantly increase the rate of air flow through the root zone and the removal of excess water from the soil profile and playing surface. This is particularly important in challenging climates – hot or cold.


The SISAir system gives a grounds proffesional the best possible chance to ensure their pitch is always in top condition.

  • Helps produce an optimum growing environment in difficult stadia micro-climates. Increased resilience to traffic wear means more games played and more revenue to the owner.
  • Boost the performance of undersoil heating during the winter months. By extending the life of turf and root zone below field level, future field re-surfacing or re-builds can be delayed.
  • Improving the health of the turf and root zone can lower maintenance costs for pesticides, fertilizers, and some mechanical operations such as aerating.
  • Improved recovery & quality of surface may attract premium events and increase stadium revenue.
  • Greatly reduces root zone disorders and helps manage fungal attacks during periods when the pitch is covered for a non sporting event, speeding up the turn-around between events.
  • Improved efficiency of water usage results in lower expenditures for water.
  • The vacuum operation works by drawing air down from the playing surface to maintain near perfect playing conditions and reducing the threat of postponements during periods of heavy rain.
  • A solution to environmental requirements, which are becoming a major issue with regulatory authorities, especially with regards to water and chemical usage.

Vacuum mode

By applying the right combination of vacuum and air flow, outside air may also be pulled from above the turf level down through the soil and drainage pipes, through the SISAir pressure blower fan where it’s expelled.

As the air moves through the soil, it moves non capillary water out of the soil, into the drain pipes and out of the soil profile.


  • Air exchange improves root growth and plant health.
  •  Controlling moisture increases root length and plant strength.
  • Controlling soil moisture helps prevent surface algae, black layer and other diseases.
  • Increased microbial activity.
  • Stronger healthier roots withstand more frequent play.


The SISAir system uses pressure mode to move air through the soil profile where it is evenly distributed through the gravel layer and then pushed through the soil profile and out through the grass canopy.

This air movement increases the rate of subsurface aeration in the root zone and reduces the impact of extreme ambient air temperatures in the root zone.


  • Provides subsurface aeration and gas transfer in the soil profile in summer, forcing cooler air from under the stadium up through the soil profile.
  • Helps the turf survive mid-day heat stress in winter, slowly forcing air up through the profile assists the efficiency of the heating system to distribute heat evenly and to the surface level.

Saving the Champions League from ‘Biblical’ Downpours at Galatasaray’s Rams Park

Whether you’re working with us on the full field construction project, just installing our SISGrass hybrid surface or neither, SISAir can be brought into your stadium project to offer a total sports surface management solution.

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