The pitch for the 2018 World Football Cup Final

SIS Pitches has just installed the pitch for the 2018 World Football Cup Final, to be played at the Luzhniki Stadium in Moscow, Russia. This means that the 2018 World Football Cup will be the first ever to have a SISGrass natural turf reinforced pitch with SISAir technology.

The most advanced pitch in World FootballCup history

The brand new SISGrass hybrid surface will make the Luzhniki Stadium the most technologically advanced pitch in World Football Cup Final history. The laser-guided installation took just eight days to complete and boasts 95% natural turf alongside the 5% specially designed PE yarn.

SISGrass is an advanced reinforced turf system featuring patented installation technology, which offers increased pitch stability and delivers considerably longer playing hours than natural grass surfaces. 

It’s the first time a World Football Cup Final has been played on anything but all-natural grass and we are honoured to have been chosen to install it. The quality of SISGrass will ensure that the pitches are resilient in all conditions, and I am sure the 2018 World Football Cup Final is one that we all remember.

SIS Pitches CEO and owner George Mullan

Introduce hot or cold air under the pitch

SISAir is a revolutionary system that actively manages soil moisture and removes excess water from the soil via a network of pipes under the pitch that forces air movement through the soil beneath the playing surface. This is hot or cold air depending on the climate requirements and helps to promote healthier turf by optimising the root zone’s growing conditions.

We are confident that the pitches constructed by SIS Pitches for the World Football Cup in 2018 will exceed the expectations of both the players and officials, and SISGrass could be vitally important in the 2022 World Football Cup in Qatar.

SIS Pitches Eastern European Managing Director Ilyas Kobal

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