Bablake Playing Fields

SISPlus were engaged by Bablake Playing Fields in Coventry to assist with one of their hockey pitches which was the unfortunate victim of tree roots penetrating through the grass. The pitch had developed substantial deviations, rendering it unsafe to use.

Fixing and renovating pitches isn’t the easiest of tasks but is something that our excellent team at SISPlus can manage with ease.

What did we do?

The team had to remove sections of the carpet, insitu shockpad and porous macadam in order to expose the aggregate base. Once this was done, they were able to excavate down to a depth of 250mm in order to expose and remove the tree roots.

Once the roots had been removed, a root barrier membrane was inserted prior to backfilling with new, clean, graded stone. Once the stone was levelled and compacted, a new 40mm porous macadam layer was laid, before a new section of insitu shockpad was paved. Finally, the original carpet was rolled back, re-positioned and then glued into place.

The also team added an 80m long, 1m deep root barrier trench to the perimeter of both hockey pitches to ensure that roots are unable to make their way back onto the pitches.

Well done to our team for the excellent work, which was all completed within the space of a week!


“This was a large and complex project for our maintenance team, but one that we are certainly equipped to deal with. We have built an excellent relationship with John and the team at Bablake and are delighted to have been able to assist in getting their pitch back up and running.”

Luke Edwards, SISPlus Director

“We’re really pleased with the work SISPlus did for us at Bablake Playing Fields. When we first noticed the protruding roots on our hockey surface we worried we would need a whole new pitch. However, the SIS team has done a fantastic job by completely renovating the space into a useable pitch again. You’d never know they had been here!”

John Robson, Head of Estates, Coventry School Foundation

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