The Client

Congratulations to Stockport County FC, recently crowned champions of EFL League Two after an excellent season in an extremely competitive league. This promotion follows their recent success in the National League during the 2021–2022 season, showcasing their ambitions to continue climbing the football pyramid.

The Background

Excellent home form and consistency have been key factors in securing the title, with only three home losses in the league all season. A significant contributor to their home success is the quality of their pitch and the dedication of the maintenance team. The playing surface is immaculate, rivalling those in the top flight of football.  Having such an immaculate surface has played a vital role in enabling Stockport to play their free-flowing attacking football, contributing to a 31+ goal difference at home all season.

The brief

After promotion to League 2, Stockport County decided to invest in a SISGrass hybrid surface, stitching into their existing profile. Prior to this, Edgeley Park had a commendable playing surface, but like most natural grass pitches, it could benefit from the increased stability and durability provided by a hybrid system, especially during the harsh winter months. This investment in the pitch is part of a broader, long-term strategy to expand the stadium capacity by around 7,000 seats, preparing for their anticipated rise through the football tiers. These plans reflect Stockport County’s ambition to enhance the matchday experience both on and off the pitch.

What we did

SISGrass hybrid pitches combine natural grass with synthetic fibers, creating a more resilient and consistent playing surface. The surface usually consists of around 5% synthetic fibres, and 95% natural turf. This innovative surface technology offers several benefits:

  1. Durability: The hybrid system can withstand more wear and tear, reducing the frequency of repairs and helping to produce a high quality surface.
  2. Playing Quality: The enhanced stability of the pitch allows for better traction and footing for players, which supports high-intensity, fast-paced football.
  3. Maintenance Efficiency: The SISGrass system requires less intensive maintenance repairs compared to traditional grass pitches, leading to cost savings and better resource allocation.

With these improvements, Stockport County FC is well-positioned to continue their journey through the football leagues. The club’s investment in infrastructure demonstrates their commitment to long-term success and ambition to compete at higher levels.

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The Outcome

Stockport County’s decision to invest in a SISGrass hybrid pitch proves a strategic move that supports their ambitions both on the field and in terms of infrastructure development. This investment not only improves the immediate playing conditions but also sets the foundation for sustained success and growth. As the club continues its rise through the pyramid, the hybrid pitch will play a crucial role in ensuring that Edgeley Park remains one of the premier football venues in the league, facilitating the club’s goals and providing an outstanding experience for players and fans.

What do the groundsteam think?

“The impact has been huge. It has given us the platform to be able to produce a top level pitch alongside our maintenance practises and nutritional inputs.

The biggest influence on durability has come when we have had games played on frosty conditions. It has ensured we can move forward with a table trustworthy surface.

Without question we have gained confidence in our pitch since we installed SISGrass into our excising pitch. Albeit some inched at 140mm with the revolution machine, we know we are starting on a solid base. It allows use to focus on the intricacies and details of the job such as grooming, nutritional inputs and match prep.”

Liam Cash, Head Groundsman @ Stockport County FC

Award winning surface

Over the years the Edgeley Park pitch and maintenance team have received various plaudits and awards. Most recently, receiving the EFL’s 2023/24 Grounds Team of the Season award. Congratulations to Liam and his team for the incredible work.


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