Tianjin Olympic Centre, nicknamed “The Water Drop” due to the unique shape of the stadium, has recently undergone a pitch transformation, combining the most advanced hybrid pitch technologies from SIS Pitches; SISGrass with a SISAir aeration system.

Covering approximately 7,800 square meters, the stadium will benefit from increased pitch stability and more playing hours than before. The new surface is 95% natural grass, supported by synthetic fibres, which are inserted into the surface at 2cm x 2cm spacings.

Underneath the surface, a SISAir system has been installed which will proactively manage the soil moisture content, remove excess water from the soil profile and help to boost ventilation of the soil.

SISAir, which was launched during the 2018 World Cup, was also installed at Luzhniki Stadium which is currently the most technologically advanced pitch in World Cup history.

This advanced aeration technology will promote stronger, healthier turf and provide a firmer, more consistent pitch for players.

In early 2018, after a lot of market research and investigation, Tianjin Olympic Centre Stadium decided to choose SIS Pitches, who specialise in advanced technology and pitch maintenance, as the winner of the project. The project included removing the original foundation, installing new gravel layer, new drainage system, irrigation system, lower and upper root zone, underground air system, underground heating system (three zones), natural grass installation with SISGrass and pitch maintenance services.

During the construction process SIS Pitches have strictly controlled the works and materials quality resulting in a high quality final product, which meets our anticipated requirement. The irrigation system was designed around our unique stadium design. Our stadium is the shared home of two Chinese Super Clubs, with a high frequency of use. Under the test of intense competition and training activities, the pitch is still in perfect condition. We are very satisfied! Thank you for the hard work of SIS Pitches construction and maintenance teams!

Wang Deqiang, Director of Pitch management, Tianjin Olympic Centre Stadium

SIS Pitches are honoured and proud to be given the opportunity to work on the Tianjin Olympic stadium in Tianjin, China installing the latest technology used at 6 of the 12 stadiums at the Russian World Cup 2018.

The installation of the SISAir ventilation system, the undersoil heating and the SISGrass Hybrid grass systems will provide an outstanding world class playing surface meeting and exceeding the expectations of the both players and officials for the Tianjin stadium.

Carlos Reis, Director at SIS Pitches

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