Batumi stadium – the latest sis pitches addition

Batumi, a great city with amazing nature and culture, is now an official client of SIS Pitches. Compliant with Category IV of the Union of European Football Associations (UEFA) and constructed by Anagi LLC Construction Company, this pitch had a quick turn around under hard conditions.

Pitch construction started in January 2021 and was finished in a short period of time with thanks to great time management, commitment and outstanding dedication to excellent pitch installation. With a completion date of April 2021, Batumi stadium is the first in Georgia to feature our SISGrass hybrid system, and has already seen players enjoying the upgraded playing field.

The SISGrass installation keeps 95% of your natural grass, but gives you more playing hours as well as faster pitch recovery. Batumi stadium will now be able to make the most of their stadium with thanks to the SISGrass system.

What made this pitch so SUCCESSFUL?

Alongside the dedication involved in getting the pitch installed, we also had to encounter adverse weather and work through the colder parts of the year, including snow.

We’re really proud we were able to get back to working on the pitch as soon as possible. The team pulled together and managed to get the space transformed into a brilliant and performance ready pitch.

“Georgia is one of the countries we were following closely as a part of our expansion program in Caucasus. Our strong references at the nearby locations such as Krasnodar, Donetsk, Baku, Samsun, Trabzon and Rize had a strong effect on our client’s decision. This project is a very good demonstration of how quickly SISPitches can mobilize, start and finish on time and budget in a country that is new to us. Every project in a different country has its own difficulties and when you add up the challenges that arise from the pandemic, this was only possible by having different teams and machinery in different locations combined with the spirit of great teamwork in our crews.”

Ilyas Kobal – SIS Pitches

“It was another great project which we have been involved in and implemented in a very short time frame and mobilized quickly to the project site. Even when it was snowy and the biggest snowfall that had happened for years, we worked hard and planned the project during the harsh winter season. Thanks to our experienced construction and maintenance team, we successfully constructed the pitch in a month. After a great grow in period for another month, we have installed the great SISGrass Hybrid Product on another great stadia.”

Berkay Sezen, Projects Director

“Many thanks to the SIS Pitches Team. They did brilliant job at Batumi Football Stadium”

Davit Tavartkiladze, Anagi Construction Company

Why use Sisgrass?

Installed at every major football tournament in the last few years, our SISGrass technology is trusted by some of the biggest names in sport.

SISGrass hybrid pitches have been used by every major sporting event in 2018/2019 and we only expect the benefits of SISGrass to grow and develop along with the world of sport.

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