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For athletes and amateurs to perform at their best, they need the best cricket surfaces to play on. That’s why SIS Pitches have made it our goal to engineer and construct the most advanced cricket surfaces on the market. We offer world-leading hybrid pitches using SISGrass, installed with our patented hybrid grass stitching machinery. Our hybrid cricket pitches will increase pitch stability, allowing more playing hours, and faster ground recovery after play.

SISGrass machine stitching wickets


Hybrid cricket pitches have greater wear tolerance making them ideal for match play or practice
The added durability allows for greatly increased pitch usage through the playing season
Faster recovery of pitches provides increased usage through the playing season
Pitch performs more consistently throughout lifespan
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India Hybrid Cricket Pitches

The introduction of hybrid cricket pitches marks a significant transformation in India’s cricket infrastructure. Combining natural grass with polyethelyne fibres, hybrid cricket wickets offer enhanced durability and allow for extended, consistent use. These developments will allow more play for women’s and grassroots cricket.

Reinforced Natural Cricket Pitch

SISGrass cricket pitches are made up of 95 percent natural grass and 5 per cent two-tone polyethylene yarn. We install SISGrass with a two green or straw-coloured yarn to make natural turf cricket wicket look as authentic as possible. And from a spectating distance, they are almost impossible to differentiate visually from a fully grass surface.

The fibres are injected at 2cm x 2cm at 9cm below the surface level, and up to 1cm above the surface.  The potential advantages this could bring to cricket matches are incredible. SISGrass can increase the durability of the pitches to extend match play and practice sessions up to three times.

India Hybrid Cricket Pitch Installation

SISGrass is installed with our flagship Universal machine. Universal is an extremely mobile, versatile machine at just 1.20m wide, 2m in length and an installation width of 80cm. It offers the flexibility of stitching at every location quickly and accurately, with different depths, spacing or size using precise laser guidance. It’s an ideal solution for cricket grounds challenged to maintain uniform grass coverage on high-used wickets.

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HPCA were the first to install SISGrass hybrid technology in India

The Himachal Pradesh Cricket Association (HPCA) were the first to install hybrid wickets at the picturesque venue of Dharamshala.

This investment into India follows a decision by the International Cricket Council to permit the use of hybrid surfaces for T20 and 50-over competition. After widespread success installing hybrids across English cricket grounds, the SIS team chose India as its next region of development.

“The introduction of hybrid pitches is set to revolutionize cricket in India, following their success in iconic venues like Lord’s and The Oval in England,”. says Arun Dhumal, IPL Chairman.

We extend our sincere appreciation to the Himachal Pradesh Cricket Association (HPCA) for collaborating with us on this pioneering project. We are pleased to announce the successful installation and implementation of hybrid cricket pitches at the iconic Dharamshala Stadium. As a BCCI-approved initiative, this encourages us to set the stage for further explorations of hybrid pitches in Mumbai and Ahmedabad. We aim to expand opportunities that strengthen cricket at the grassroots level for more participation and ensure that our pitches can endure the game’s rigours.” Paul Taylor, SIS International Cricket Director

SISGrass Hybrid Cricket Pitches FAQs

What is SISGrass?

SISGrass is the very latest in hybrid pitch solutions that delivers all the quality of natural grass, with the stability and durability of a reinforced pitch, in all seasons

Do the playing characteristics of the pitch change because of the artificial fibres?

As the pitch is still fundamentally a natural pitch, the playing characteristics don’t change. In time more pace and bounce will become evident as the profile of the soil becomes stronger

What does the combination of natural grass and artificial turf do for a pitch?

Combining natural grass and artificial turf delivers all the benefits of playing on a natural pitch with all the robustness and endurance that synthetic yarn provides. It is the best of both worlds and meets the preferences of all users

Can the curator still control how the pitch plays?

Yes, they still have control on the preparation of any pitch in terms of the amount of rolling and watering that is done

What are the benefits / advantages of a SISGrass pitch to the Clients?

Clients who install SISGrass will benefit from a pitch that offers unrivalled flexibility, that recovers faster than natural pitches, that can support multiple teams and up to three times as many hours of use and which is ultimately the most advanced hybrid solution currently available on the market

What is the experience of playing on a SISGrass pitch like for players?

For players, the SISGrass experience is identical to that of natural turf. It is this fact that makes SISGrass such an attractive solution as it delivers the playing characteristics of a natural pitch with the increased durability and resilience that only synthetic yarn can provide  

Is the hybrid cricket pitch approved for International Cricket?

Yes, it is approved by the Internatinoal Cricket Council (ICC) for use in T20 and 50-0ver cricket

How much of the pitch is artificial fibre?

The pitch is still 95% natural turf, with only 5 % artificial fibre injected into the surface at 20mm x 20mm centres

What is different about the SISGrass yarns?

The SISGrass yarn is made of polyethylene fibre rather than the polypropylene used by the majority of our competitors. It is soft, durable, resilient and maximizes player comfort and ball performance 

What makes SISGrass’ installation so fast without compromising quality?

SISGrass’ installation is the fastest on the market because it uses the latest, patented technology and incorporates GPS systems that improve efficiency and remove the risk of error


We are the preferred cricket pitch construction and installation experts for many familiar names. SISGrass, our revolutionary technology, is already being installed at a number of prestigious grounds:

India Hybrid Cricket Pitch Maintenance

Cricket wickets need to be well-maintained to ensure the pace and bounce of the ball isn’t impaired over time.

Like with any hybrid grass pitch, regular, routine maintenance is important. These processes contribute to the increase in longevity and performance of the grass – protecting your investment. 

At SIS Pitches, we can provide training and information to ensure all your cricket pitch is performing and looking its best all year long. 

Hybrid Cricket Pitch Cost

The price of your hybrid cricket pitch will depend on a number of different factors, including size, type, and location. The price of a hybrid cricket pitch is bespoke for each client, get in touch for a free consultation today. Our specialists can provide an exact cost, based on your requirements.

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