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19 January 2018

Most football fans will be able to name the top home scorer in their club’s stadium, like Wayne Rooney at Old Trafford – but how many could guess which Premier League footballer has netted the most away goals against their team?

SIS Pitches has used Opta data to compile the top home and away scorers at each current top-flight stadium, from the inception of the Premier League up to the end of 2017.

Hot Shots

Phil Blackwell, SISGrass Director, explained: “We wanted to tell every Premier League Stadium’s story – who the home scoring hero is and the visiting villain that persistently upsets the home crowd, so that fans across the country would know who to watch out for the rest of the season.”

Commenting on Opta’s data, he said: “Opta are synonymous with Premier League stats so getting their data was key and we were so intrigued with what came back. Who would have ever guessed that Younes Kaboul would be joint top away scorer at the Emirates? Certainly not us!”

“Of particular interest to us were the stats from St James Park, Newcastle, and The Vitality Stadium, Bournemouth-both having benefited from SISGrass hybrid pitch technology.”

With the second half of the season underway, it’s exciting to see how the rest of the Premier League plays out. Sergio Agüero is understandably in the top three away scorers at no less than seven stadiums, and with how impressive Man City are this season, could he overtake Van Persie and others to take the number one spot where he isn’t already? Time will tell!

SIS Pitches: Top Scorer By Premier League Stadium
Credit: Top Scorers By Premier League Stadium from SIS Pitches.