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30 May 2016
Chelsea F.C, SISGrass, hybrid pitch, reinforced natural turf pitch,

Premier Pitches along with MJ Abbott carried out pitch re-construction works ahead of the SISGrass installations. The SISGrass was installed using two machines running 24 hours a day, stitching a total of 48,000kg of Bonar Yarns yarn at 2 x 2cm centres, to a depth of 180mm and leaving 20mm of fibre above ground.

In the first area, used by the Academy teams, the new grass was allowed to establish for three weeks before the installation of SISGrass commenced towards the end of April. This was an area of 18,744m2 which was made up of two full-size pitches and training areas. Installation on this phase was completed on 7th May.

On the second area, which will be used by the Chelsea first team, stitching commenced shortly after the new seed was germinating so we were stitching into a very open, surface of 21,240m2. This is made up of two full-size pitches, training areas and a dedicated goal keepers’ area. The work was completed at the end of May.