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24 April 2023
St Joseph's MUGA pitch SIS Pitches

What is a MUGA Pitch?

MUGA pitches (multi-use games areas) are small sports pitches that you would typically find at schools, leisure centres, local parks and sports clubs. They can be used to play a variety of different sports including:

  • Football
  • Tennis
  • Basketball
  • Netball
  • Tennis
  • Non-contact rugby.

MUGA pitches are typically either 30m x 20m (5v5 size) or 60m x 40m (7v7 size). 

When designing your MUGA pitch, it is important to consider what the primary sport will be, followed by any additional sports.

 For example, at a school, the primary sport played might be football, followed by hockey and netball. In this situation, we would help you design a pitch that could be utilised for all three sports.


There are four main different types of multi-use game areas, differentiated primarily by the material of the surface. 

2G MUGA Pitches

2G surfaces are short pile, dense surfaces that are sand-based and usually a pile height of 24mm or less. There are three types of 2G – sand filled, sand dressed and needle punch synthetic grass.

3G MUGA Pitches

3G surfaces are longer pile artificial grass surfaces typically filled with sand and performance infill. The pile on a 3G MUGA surface is longer than 2G, usually 40-65mm pile height.

Tarmacadam Pitches

Tarmacadam pitches (also known as “tarmac” or a “macadam surface”) – these surfaces are hard surfaces made from crushed stone, sand and tar. The hard material on these surfaces makes them extremely long-lasting and durable.

Polymeric MUGA Pitches

Polymeric MUGA pitches (also known as play safety surfaces) are made from granulated rubber and a popular choice for an all-weather MUGA pitch, as they are made from small granules which are bonded to create a softer surface than tarmacadam, creating a slightly shock-absorbing surface. 

Choosing Your MUGA Surfacing

Our advice when choosing MUGA surfacing is simple! Your first priority is to consider which sporting activities the surface will be used for, and from there we can help you choose the correct surface type.

You will want to have a maximum of three sports on one pitch, otherwise all the lines can get confusing for pitch users. 


Effective for Training Sessions

For weekly training sessions or drills, you don’t necessarily need to use a full size MUGA sports pitch. It can often be more beneficial to have a smaller space to hone skills and create a more intimate session. The right MUGA pitch for your sport can also offer a high grip and greater shock absorbency than other surfaces.

Less Maintenance

Compared to a full size pitch, the maintenance on MUGA pitches is much easier as they are a significantly smaller area.

All-Weather Solution

No mud, no mess and no worries about playing in most weather conditions. Most MUGA surfaces can be utilised regardless of the weather, which is essential if you live in the UK! 

Cost Effective 

A MUGA pitch can utilise a small space and create a safe, durable surface for multiple sports to be played. Traditional grass requires more maintenance making it less cost effective.

An Attractive Finish

Without a doubt, the resilience to weather conditions means MUGA pitches retain a year round attractive finish and can accommodate different colours.


How long a MUGA pitch will last for depends on the surface type, but generally a 2G/3G surface should last at least 8 years, and tarmacadam or polymeric significantly longer. 

Multi-use game areas will require occasional maintenance such as brushing, rubber crumb infill top ups and line marking. If you need any help maintaining your MUGA pitch, please contact our in-house aftercare team who can help. 


We’re pleased to have installed MUGA pitches at some of the following facilities: 

  • Loughborough University
  • Powerleague
  • Football Fives 
  • St Mary’s Catholic Primary School 
  • West Herts Sports Club
  • City of London Academy (Islington)
  • Hugh Myddelton Primary School
  • Willows Sports Centre
  • Nishkam High School
  • Swavesey Village College 
  • Hanslope Park

The Ideal Surface for Multiple Sports

In summary, MUGA pitches are a valuable addition to any community, providing a versatile and safe space for people of all ages to engage in physical activities and promote a healthy lifestyle. They offer numerous advantages, including durability, versatility, and inclusivity, making them a popular choice for schools, leisure centres, parks, and other recreational areas.

If your institution would like further information on MUGA pitches, we would be happy to help.

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