Long Road will greatly enhance opportunities for students to discover, experience and excel in a wide range of sport, delivering St Mary’s commitment to encourage sport for all, and enabling Homerton to boast among the best sports facilities in the University.

As well as benefiting St Mary’s girls and students of Homerton College, the new Long Road facilities will also be accessed by members of the wider community, as part of Cambridgeshire County Council’s Health and Well-being strategy.

Working with Ingleton Wood Martindales Ltd., the Long Road scheme has been designed to minimise its environmental impact and the site’s overall carbon footprint. Measures include:

  • Installation of solar panels
  • Energy efficient lighting and floodlights
  • Protection of key wildlife corridors – particularly important for bats
  • Planting additional trees in the space
  • Dedicated conservation areas for enhanced outdoor learning
  • Anti-flood provision in the drainage scheme

“Long Road will greatly enhance sporting opportunities for St Mary’s girls and I look forward to returning to the site to see our aspiring sportswomen in action”

Charlotte Avery, Head of St Mary’s School

“SIS Pitches successfully delivered the sports pitch complex (including hockey, netball and football pitches plus an athletics area) for my Clients in time for the start of academic year in September 2020.

This was in spite of an extremely wet winter which saw standing water on the site and then the onset of the Covid-19 lockdown period which suspended works for over a month. Despite these obstacles, the SIS Pitches team worked extremely hard through the summer period to keep the build on programme and to deliver a high quality set of pitches.

They also worked effectively and flexibly with a separate Main Contractor who commenced the construction of a sports pavilion on the site whilst SIS Pitches were in the final weeks of their construction programme. My Clients are very happy with the overall quality of the pitches.”

Tim Harwood

Photos and videos from – © Halliday Lighting

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