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Stadium Manager of Trabzonspor FC Medical Park Stadium Senol GUNES Sport Complex

After the stitching of SISGrass on the pitch in Oct 2016, we played our first game on the surface a month after. When we make a comparison between our old stadium pitch at Avni Aker Stadium and our new one at Medical Park Stadium, the improvements are easy to observe.

The new pitch playing surface is durable, with better root establishment underneath leading to lesser wear and tear during games.   

There have been no injuries to any player that has played on the pitch. We are fully satisfied what SIS Pitches made with SISGrass and the regular maintenance of the pitch so far.

Additionally, with installing a SISAir system, we are confident to say that the system is able to provide a cool, fresh breeze underneath. This in turn leads to a comfortable rootzone underneath the surface and a higher-quality surface for the players.

We also have full trust in the vacuum mode of the system and we believe this will help tremendously to keep the surface water-free. This is important as we can get heavy rain fall during a game due to our location in the Blacksea Region here in Turkey! 

With having the latest technology of SISGrass and SISAir, we believe the severe summer stress will not be an issue for us anymore, which it had been for many years with high humidity and hot weather conditions in our area.

We now have an exemplary pitch, which we think it should encourage to other clubs and facilities in Turkey. 

Huseyin EMIN, September 2017