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On every project, we make absolutely sure that all of our pitches can stand up to all the challenges provided by busy stadia, competitive sports activity and environmental conditions.

Synthetic turf is becoming increasingly popular at global sports venues as more and more clubs and organisations see the benefits of using this durable, high-quality surface. Synthetic turf is now accepted around the world for football, rugby, hockey and tennis, and it’s also used for Gaelic Athletic Association, Australian Rules and American Football, as well as for golf, cricket and bowls.

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Designed to give outstanding performance and maximum durability
Made in Britain from the finest quality yarns
Tested by leading independent test houses for quality and standards
Over 15 years' experience working with some of the biggest names in sport
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  • Saracens
  • Newcastle Falcons
  • Loughborough University
  • Rosslyn Park
  • Manchester City
  • Norwich City
  • Derby County
  • Bedworth Utd
  • Redditch Utd
  • University of Manchester
  • Coventry Schools Foundation
  • Lynn Sports
  • Ipswich School
  • University of Cumbria
  • Lakes College
  • University of Bradford

The finest of artificial 3g turf sports surface, made in the UK

SIS Pitches’ range of synthetic turf (also known as 3G turf or astro turf) is SISTurf which is made in Britain using the finest yarns and is designed for a variety of major sports. Our products are tested to FIFA, World Rugby, Federation of International Hockey (FIH) standards by leading test houses.

Our products are manufactured with a choice of monofilament or fibrillated yarns, or a mixture of both, plus thatch support yarn – all designed to give outstanding performance and durability. A range of pile heights are available. Our range was developed based on feedback from players, coaches, physios and owners to meet the demanding needs of their sport. Our extensive list of references is available on request.

Synthetic sports pitches for every need

  • SISTurf Soccer Pro 60 – designed for high-level performance and on installation meets FIFA Quality standards. The MN Ultra yarn comes in dual green colours and is tested to 65,000 cycles for wear, whilst the soft feel and resilience makes it popular with players. Also available at 50mm pile height.
  • SISTurf Superior 50 – developed for heavy use 5-a-side or cross-field football. The FB Ultra HD yarn is the finest fibrillated yarn available, as shown with Lisport wear tests exceeding 140,000 cycles. Also available in 60mm-pile height where it is a proven winner with heavily used pitches.
  • SISTurf Grand Slam – combines the best of both worlds, with the beauty and feel of the MN Ultra yarn and the density and ruggedness of the FB Ultra HD fibre. With the right shockpad, this heavy surface meets World Rugby and FIFA Quality Pro standards.
  • SISTurf Scrummager – available in 60 and 65mm fibre lengths, using the FB Ultra HD fine fibrillated yarn creating a proven surface that balances durability & resilience making it a hardwearing rugby turf. To meet World Rugby standards, this surface will need to be laid onto a tested and approved pad. The SISTurf Scrummager is also tested to FIFA Quality Pro standards for football use.
  • SISTurf Rugger – available in 60 and 65mm fibre lengths, this is a proven surface that balances durability with resilience and a soft feel, making it a safe and popular rugby turf. To meet World Rugby standards, this surface will need to be laid onto a tested and approved pad. SISTurf Rugger 60 is also tested to FIFA Quality Pro standards for football use.
  • SISTurf Hockey Elite – a 18mm pile height texturised hockey surface, designed for high-quality and heavy use hockey. It is a sand-dressed premium synthetic surface with a texturised monofilament yarn to allow true ball roll and a fast paced game, and is an FIH registered system. Available in field/olive green, field green or dark green.

benefits of synthetic turf

The main benefits of synthetic turf, from our professional point of view, are its durability to withstand high usage making it perfect for clubs or schools whose pitches would otherwise quickly wear down, they require less water which is beneficial to the environment and they require less maintenance than natural grass. Synthetic turf pitches are all-weather pitches, allowing them to dry quickly leading to more playable hours generating additional income for clubs.


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