Elite sports clubs want to be able to play for longer. Our brand of hybrid pitches are 95% natural grass with synthetic fibres stitched into them to enable more playing hours and a faster surface recovery time.

We launched SISGrass technology in 2015. Our patented system reinforces the natural grass, by inserting polyethylene fibres into the ground at a variety of spacings and depths, depending on the sport.

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Our clients

SISGrass is used extensively in major football and rugby tournaments around the world. Including the English Premier League, where around 19 of the 20 clubs have a hybrid pitch. SISGrass clients include: 

  • Southampton FC
  • Newcastle United FC
  • Brighton & Hove Albion
  • Fulham FC

Top games have also been played on the surface in the UEFA Champions League, 2018 World Cup, Europa League and the Rugby World Cup. 

European clubs to install the system include FC Barcelona, while in the UK the pitches are growing in popularity outside of the top flight. Swansea City, for example, decided to install a hybrid playing surface at its main stadium after seeing the benefits at its training ground.

“There can be misconceptions about these pitches but they are ultimately natural turf surfaces. They are more durable and aid faster recovery compared with pure grass and when you watch games you would not even realise you are seeing players on a hybrid pitch”

Phil Blackwell, SISGrass

The latest in sports pitch innovation

We have partnered with sports clubs across the world to design, construct and install the latest pitch technology in new stadiums. Including but not limited to:

Sustainable & Efficient Technology

SISGrass is installed using 100% electric machines. Once most of the pitch infrastructure is complete, including the drainage and optional undersoil heating and aeration systems, we use our sustainable technology to inject the synthetic fibres into the surface.

There are approximately 20 million individual polyethylene fibres installed into a standard football pitch.

Our technology has also reduced the time it takes to install a hybrid pitch from more than two weeks to around seven days. The system has a life span of 10 years or more and the fibres can be recovered and recycled at the end of life.

Our Fleet

We are committed to innovation and have developed a fleet of machines to expand our operations.

The range includes the SISGrass Universal machine, used for smaller sports surface areas such as:

  • Cricket wickets
  • Tennis courts
  • Golf tees

The SISGrass Universal machine can install SISGrass Lite and SISGrass Discovery, which are shorter-term and mid-term hybrid grass solutions. These expansions of our SISGrass range provide possibilities for lower leagues Clubs and grounds that would otherwise not be able to experience hybrid grass pitches.

“We are seeing growing interest in Cricket where the hybrid surfaces have been sanctioned for use at the top level of the domestic game for one day games. Great success is also being seen in Tennis with continuing trials and research”

Phil Blackwell, SISGrass

Our global sports partnerships

We attribute our growth to our passion for innovation and ability to offer sports clients a complete one-stop shop service. From the design to construction, installation and maintenance.

“As with anything new, if a client can work with just one company to deliver a complete pitch package it makes it so much easier for them”

Ivo Lamot, SISGrass

The UK is leading the way when it comes to pioneering hybrid grass pitches, but the surfaces are also becoming increasingly popular across Asia, Russia, Australia and South America.

We have recently formed a partnership this summer with Australian sports-field systems provider HG Turf Group to grow the market across the region. Meanwhile in South America, leading Argentinian football club River Plate (based in Buenos Aires), is currently undergoing a full pitch reconstruction, with SISGrass and SISAir systems. 

Though elite sports clubs in the USA traditionally play on completely artificial surfaces, we are currently trialling our SISGrass technology with the Major League Soccer and the National Football League.

“Many NFL players want to change back to natural grass and we are already working with some big names, including the Green Bay Packers American football team in Wisconsin.

We cannot wait for the future ahead. Not only because of our passion for sport, but also our innovative pitch technology, giving our clients more robust surface while retaining the tradition of playing on grass.”

Ivo Lamot, SISGrass

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