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we’re proud to have our pitches used at every major tournament in 2018/19

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Why choose SISGrass

SISGrass is a 95% natural grass pitch that gives you more playing hours and faster pitch recovery
We can transform a prepared pitch in as little as 5 days, even between matches
All installations are completed by our own trained crew, supported by experienced site managers
We provide support and maintenance to ensure your perfect pitch is always at its best
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Two years after revolutionising the hybrid grass market with the fully electric SISGrass Universal machine, we are proud to announce the launch of our second-generation SISGrass machine, which is also 100% electric. The machine can stitch a full-size hybrid football pitch in just 7 days using electricity, a huge step forward in reducing the environmental footprint of each pitch installation.

We’re the first to use this type of technology in our large machines and are seeing huge benefits already. Discover the installations completed at FC Barcelona’s Camp Nou and Loughborough University.



To see a full list of our SISGrass clients, head over to our reference list.

Leading the field in hybrid pitch technology

We are a world leader in the design, manufacture and installation of natural, synthetic and hybrid pitches. SISGrass is our flagship product – a technologically advanced reinforced turf system which combines the very best qualities of synthetic and natural surfaces.

On every project, we make absolutely sure that our pitches can stand up to all the challenges provided by busy stadia, competitive sports activity and environmental conditions.

We’re proud to be a one-stop shop

We have experts all over the world to cover the whole process of building a pitch from start to finish.

Our extensive in-house knowledge and capabilities gives our clients complete peace of mind and a seamless project from start to finish.

Award-winning reinforced natural turf system

SISGrass is an award-winning reinforced natural turf system, having received the prestigious Sports Technology Award for ‘Best use of technology by a Venue, Stadium Club or Franchise’. SISGrass has also won the inaugural SAPCA Award for Excellence in 2015, a benchmark in quality, innovation and advancement across the sports and play construction industry.



Find out more about our Derby County hybrid football pitch transformation here.

Putting innovation at the heart of your game

Our success in hybrid pitch technology is thanks to the ongoing passion and ambition we bring to all of our sporting and business activities. It’s therefore no accident that we have over 18 years’ experience working with some of the biggest names in sport.

We have sourced the best yarns and developed unrivalled technology to create a 95% natural turf that delivers a pitch capable of much longer playing hours than natural grass surfaces, plus the robustness and endurance normally associated with synthetic turf, without compromising performance for the players. This new hybrid pitch technology means that a pitch can be completed in just five days as we proved at Derby County’s iPro Stadium.

SISGrass technology behind our Hybrid Turf

It’s no surprise that our revolutionary SISGrass system produces the very best hybrid turf system in the world today. It’s because the advanced equipment and new patented technology behind SISGrass have been designed and developed exclusively to support natural turf pitches.

In fact, our flagship reinforced turf system incorporates cutting edge laser systems to guarantee 100% accuracy when injecting fibres uniformly over the entire pitch. What’s more, because SISGrass can offer different stitch patterns and depths, you can have a sports pitch made to your exact specifications.

The technological innovations incorporated into SISGrass include advanced polyethlene fibres, laser-guided systems, electric machines and patented injection rollers. It’s the most advanced way of reinforcing natural grass pitches with synthetic fibres.


Our standard SISGrass hybrid pitches are stitched to a depth of 180mm; SISGrass Lite is usually stitched to just 90mm below the surface, allowing it to be incorporated into shallow, partly constructed pitch surface profiles. As a result, the SISGrass Lite product is also a more economical option.


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